Common Podiatry Myths

Here are some common myths you could have heard about podiatry…

  • Duct tape is great for removing warts and verrucae – Foot problems can occur at any time, you don’t have to be a certain age to see a podiatrist to check your foot health.

  • Only senior citizens need to see a podiatrist – Foot problems can occur at any time, you don’t have to be a certain age to see a podiatrist to check your foot health.

  • Heel pain goes away on its own – This is not always the case, heel pain can be caused by numerous biomechanical dysfunctions or a trauma-related injury. If left untreated, heel pain can reoccur or even develop into more painful conditions.

  • Corns have roots – Corns are caused due to an uneven distribution of pressure or friction on the sole of the foot, on or in-between the toes. They are made of keratin cells, which also makes up your hair and skin.
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Covid-19 Update

What are we doing to protect you?

During lockdown there has been much soul searching and questioning if I should continue in Practice or not, given the level of investment required and the measures we must implement to ensure the safety of everyone. Although it will not be easy, I have decided not to be beaten and to continue with The Footings and make it as safe a practice as it could possibly be!  In future when attending clinic, you will be asked to:

 • Stand on a disinfectant mat 

• Use the hand gel provided

 • Put on a mask provided 

The Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) worn by the Podiatrist will consist of: 

• Scrubs 

• Disposable apron

• Face Mask 

• Safety Glasses 

• Mop cap 

• Disposable Gloves 

Only one person will be allowed on the premises at a time to ensure Social Distancing unless you are from the same household, or the patient requires a carer. 

• HEPA filtration unit will be constantly on during clinical sessions. 

• Deep Cleaning equipment is to be used at the end of each treatment 

• Whole room Disinfectant Fogging at the end of each session.

 • Sneeze Screens are being installed both in clinical rooms and Reception area to further ensure safety. 

As I am sure you appreciate these measures are gold standard and are being implemented to ensure safety for all concerned. As a result, I have no choice but to implement an increase in fees to reflect that standard. Therefore, Podiatry fees for consultation plus treatment will be £55. Appointments are now being prioritised for the most at risk patients, but extra clinics are being made available so we can catch up with everyone soon.