The Importance of Proper Foot Care for the Elderly

As we age, our feet can become more vulnerable to various foot conditions and injuries, making proper foot care especially important for the elderly. Here are some reasons why proper foot care is crucial for seniors:

  1. Preventing falls: As we age, our balance and mobility can become compromised, increasing the risk of falls. Proper foot care can help prevent falls by ensuring that seniors have proper footwear, regular foot exams to address any underlying conditions that may affect their balance or mobility, and addressing any foot pain or discomfort that could contribute to falls.

  2. Managing chronic conditions: Many seniors may have chronic conditions that affect their feet, such as diabetes, arthritis, or poor circulation. Proper foot care can help manage these conditions by addressing any foot-related complications and preventing further damage.

  3. Maintaining mobility and independence: Foot pain and discomfort can make it difficult for seniors to walk or engage in their daily activities, which can impact their quality of life and independence. Proper foot care can help seniors maintain their mobility and independence by addressing any foot-related issues and preventing further complications.

  4. Promoting overall health: The health of our feet can have a significant impact on our overall health and well-being. Proper foot care can help seniors maintain their overall health by addressing any foot-related issues, promoting good circulation, and preventing foot infections or injuries.

In summary, proper foot care is essential for the elderly to maintain their overall health, mobility, and independence. Seniors should prioritize regular foot exams, wear proper footwear, and address any foot-related issues promptly to prevent complications and improve their quality of life.

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Covid-19 Update

What are we doing to protect you?

During lockdown there has been much soul searching and questioning if I should continue in Practice or not, given the level of investment required and the measures we must implement to ensure the safety of everyone. Although it will not be easy, I have decided not to be beaten and to continue with The Footings and make it as safe a practice as it could possibly be!  In future when attending clinic, you will be asked to:

 • Stand on a disinfectant mat 

• Use the hand gel provided

 • Put on a mask provided 

The Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) worn by the Podiatrist will consist of: 

• Scrubs 

• Disposable apron

• Face Mask 

• Safety Glasses 

• Mop cap 

• Disposable Gloves 

Only one person will be allowed on the premises at a time to ensure Social Distancing unless you are from the same household, or the patient requires a carer. 

• HEPA filtration unit will be constantly on during clinical sessions. 

• Deep Cleaning equipment is to be used at the end of each treatment 

• Whole room Disinfectant Fogging at the end of each session.

 • Sneeze Screens are being installed both in clinical rooms and Reception area to further ensure safety. 

As I am sure you appreciate these measures are gold standard and are being implemented to ensure safety for all concerned. As a result, I have no choice but to implement an increase in fees to reflect that standard. Therefore, Podiatry fees for consultation plus treatment will be £55. Appointments are now being prioritised for the most at risk patients, but extra clinics are being made available so we can catch up with everyone soon.