Walking in a Winter Wonderland: A Festive Guide to Merry and Healthy Feet!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread cheer than by taking care of your feet during this magical time of the year? Welcome to our festive guide on foot health, where we’ll unwrap the secrets to keeping your feet happy and healthy throughout the holiday season.

1, Festive Footwear Fashion:
Step into the holiday spirit by discussing winter-appropriate footwear. Highlight cozy and stylish options like festive socks, warm boots, and slippers that provide comfort while keeping you in the holiday mood.

2, Mistle-toe Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes:
Offer advice on selecting the perfect shoes for holiday gatherings and events. Consider the impact of high heels on foot health and suggest comfortable yet fashionable alternatives for celebrating in style.

3, Yuletide Foot Care Routine:
Create a winter wonderland-themed foot care routine. Include pampering tips like soaking your feet in warm peppermint-scented water and moisturizing with holiday-scented lotions to keep your feet feeling festive.

4, Deck the Halls with Healthy Toenails:
Share tips on maintaining well-groomed toenails with a touch of holiday flair. Encourage readers to embrace festive nail art or simply keep nails trimmed neatly for a polished look during holiday festivities.

5, Joyful Foot Exercises by the Fireplace:
Introduce gentle foot exercises that can be done by the fireplace or next to the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. These exercises can help improve circulation and keep your feet nimble for dancing the night away.

6, Relieving Holiday Stress on Your Feet:
Discuss the strain that holiday shopping and preparations can put on your feet. Provide relaxation techniques, like using warm foot baths with holiday-scented oils and treating yourself to a foot massage.

7, Holiday Footwear Gift Guide:
Offer gift ideas for the shoe lovers in your life. From cozy slippers to stylish winter boots, help readers find the perfect footwear gifts for friends and family to keep their feet both fashionable and warm.

8, Jingle All the Way to Pain-Free Feet:
Address common foot pain issues associated with winter activities, such as shoveling snow or standing for extended periods at holiday events. Provide tips on alleviating pain and when to seek professional help.

9, Spreading Holiday Foot Happiness at Work:
Discuss how to keep feet comfortable during holiday office parties or while working long hours. Recommend festive yet practical footwear choices to maintain comfort and style.

10, New Year’s Resolution: Healthier Happy Feet!
Conclude by encouraging readers to make a New Year’s resolution for healthier feet. Remind them that taking care of their feet is a gift that keeps on giving, ensuring they step into the new year with comfort and joy.

As you prepare to celebrate this magical season, don’t forget to pamper your feet with love and care. By following these festive foot health tips, you’ll be ready to dance, stroll, and savor every joyful moment the holidays bring. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy Feet!

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Covid-19 Update

What are we doing to protect you?

During lockdown there has been much soul searching and questioning if I should continue in Practice or not, given the level of investment required and the measures we must implement to ensure the safety of everyone. Although it will not be easy, I have decided not to be beaten and to continue with The Footings and make it as safe a practice as it could possibly be!  In future when attending clinic, you will be asked to:

 • Stand on a disinfectant mat 

• Use the hand gel provided

 • Put on a mask provided 

The Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) worn by the Podiatrist will consist of: 

• Scrubs 

• Disposable apron

• Face Mask 

• Safety Glasses 

• Mop cap 

• Disposable Gloves 

Only one person will be allowed on the premises at a time to ensure Social Distancing unless you are from the same household, or the patient requires a carer. 

• HEPA filtration unit will be constantly on during clinical sessions. 

• Deep Cleaning equipment is to be used at the end of each treatment 

• Whole room Disinfectant Fogging at the end of each session.

 • Sneeze Screens are being installed both in clinical rooms and Reception area to further ensure safety. 

As I am sure you appreciate these measures are gold standard and are being implemented to ensure safety for all concerned. As a result, I have no choice but to implement an increase in fees to reflect that standard. Therefore, Podiatry fees for consultation plus treatment will be £55. Appointments are now being prioritised for the most at risk patients, but extra clinics are being made available so we can catch up with everyone soon.